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China Chengdu Minjiang Precision Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. certification
Customer Reviews
I purchased a tungsten carbide nozzle for my industrial application, and I must say, I'm highly impressed with its performance. The nozzle has shown exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear, even in harsh working conditions. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and long-lasting solution.

—— Sohail Ashraf

Your company's outstanding product quality and excellent service attitude brought me a perfect purchasing experience!

—— Nayyer

As a manufacturer in the machining industry, I rely heavily on tungsten carbide sleeves for the protection and longevity of our equipment. After using various types of sleeves in the past, I am pleased to say that the tungsten carbide sleeves I purchased from your company have been an absolute game-changer.

—— Morteza Asgari

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QA Procedures


Chengdu Minjiang Precision Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. quality control 0


The Importance of QA


Quality assurance of tungsten carbide products is of utmost importance for several reasons. Carbide products are widely used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precision, reliability, and durability are critical. Ensuring the high quality of carbide products is essential to maintain the overall performance and safety of the end products. Quality assurance processes, such as rigorous testing, strict adherence to manufacturing standards, and thorough inspections, help identify and eliminate any defects or inconsistencies in carbide products. This attention to quality not only enhances customer satisfaction but also minimizes the risk of product failures, costly recalls, and potential safety hazards. Moreover, a strong quality assurance system contributes to the overall reputation and competitiveness of carbide manufacturers in the market, as it demonstrates their commitment to delivering reliable and consistent products to their customers. 



Quality Guarantee Measures


Material Selection: We take great pride in our commitment to material selection when making our products. Our team has extensive experience with grinding and understands the mechanics and properties of various materials. We take extra precautions by inspecting all incoming materials and are fortunate to have longstanding suppliers nearby that offer us competitive prices. This allows us to make the blanks by ourselves, while many of our competitors do not.


Material Testing: We take extra precautions when it comes to material testing. We inspect all incoming materials and use advanced equipment to measure the hardness, density, and apparent porosity of carbide blanks. This ensures that our carbide products are strong and durable.


Sintering: Our commitment to sintering has proven to be a successful choice; customers have consistently praised our products for their strength and durability. Through careful sintering processes, we have been able to maintain a stable and durable quality.


Quality Control: We take great care in ensuring the quality of our products. We use advanced equipment to measure the dimensions of each product during the production process and final inspection. Our commitment to quality control has enabled us to establish ourselves as a leader in wear parts quality.



  • China Chengdu Minjiang Precision Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. certification



    Issue Date:2003-06-20

    Expiry Date:2024-07-08


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